Learning English as a Business Language

Teaching. Coaching. Consulting. Translating.

The TEBL curriculum was created as a train the trainer program for Business English Teachers

TEBL exists to solve a problem in Business through English Education.The goal of learning English as a Business Language is not the vocation of most English Teaching Programs. The TEBL Course Certificate allows business people to focus on what matters most to them and their company. It is a step-by-step method to learn practical Business English by using the challenges people have at work. It is a solution for the real business world and very often results in far better effectiveness because it is on-the-job learning.

Teaching English is a great experience but it is far better to focus on Business English when dealing with Business People. You help them save time and drive results almost immediately!

How do we know we have succeeded in helping you with our English Business Education Approach?

Our goal is simple, we aim for you to help people learn while working. We provide real business examples based on challenges business people are facing right now! We hope you will hear students express their satisfaction with our pragmatic approach to English Education.

I’m learning while I get work done!

TEBL is not a Teacher Certification

None of our courses provide English Teaching Certification. TEBL is not the same as TESL, TEFL, TESOL, CELTA and many other forms of certification in English Education. We highly recommend you follow those certification courses instead if what you wish is to be certified as an English Teacher, Instructor or Trainer.

TEBL Curriculum

  • Course Name: Introduction to Business English
  • Course Level: Business English Intermediate Class
  • Course Code: TEBL101
  • Course Duration: 10 X 2 Hour Sessions (20 Hours)

TEBL Course Methodology

  • Establishing your Business Goals
  • Listening & Speaking in a Business Context
  • Business Articles, Videos & Case Reading
  • Problem Solving & Presenting Solutions
  • Expanding Your Business Vocabulary
  • Review of English Pronunciation

TEBL Course Syllabus

The TEBL course outline consists of a Review of all the Main Business Topics. We cover Ten Business Topics over a period of Ten Weeks.

  • Human Performance (establishing Goals)
  • General Business Language
  • Economics Language
  • Accounting Language
  • Finance Language
  • Business Law Language
  • IT & Operations Language
  • Sales & Marketing Language
  • Digital Marketing Language
  • Human Resources Language

TEBL Course Details

Contact us for more information info @tebl.ca or download the TEBL Intro Course Outline in PDF